Frequently asked questions


Q: What is Chef Andy Hyde Catering
A: Chef Andy Hyde Catering is an LLC based out of Naples, Florida, which is managed under Hyde
Hospitality LLC. We provide private, in-home dining services, corporate events, on- and off-shore
events, and personalized, customized dietary restriction menus. We provide extraordinary cuisine to
the extraordinary community of Naples, Florida and beyond.
Q: Why should I use Chef Andy Hyde Catering
A: The founder and owner, Chef Andy Hyde, has been in the hospitality business with a certified
Bachelors’ Degree for the past 15 years. Chef Andy Hyde and his team bring a strong trackable history
throughout the United Stated and overseas, and understand the true personalized hospitality needs
for each event.
Q: Can I set up a long-term or traditional seasonal Personal Chef relationship with Chef Andy Hyde?
A: Yes, absolutely! Chef Andy Hyde can also temporarily relocate for a client if required. We highly
recommend you make pre-bookings at least one month in advance.
Q: Where do you prepare your meals?
A: We prepare our meals in a personal kitchen, located at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, FL
Q: Do I need to be home during the meal preparation and setup for the event?
A: We ask that you are present for your first service to allow for entrance into your home. For future
visits, we can have it ready when you want, whether you are home or not. If you choose not be
present during preparation, we can discuss and arrange for a secure method of gaining entrance into
your home.
Q: Do you provide Florals, décor, silverware, glasses; and do you have an event planner?
A: Yes, we provide florals, decor silverware, and glasses; and we work with the finest event planner
in Naples as well.
Q: How is the invoice priced out?
A: Included in the cost are the following: a retail menu cost, servers, staff, Chef Andy Hyde labor fees, and
18% gratuity.
Q: What if I want a suggested menu item, but want to change it a bit?
A: We want to provide you the menu you want! Therefore, Chef Andy Hyde provides a free 1 hour
menu consultation by email or phone.
Q: If I select an organic meal, will every ingredient be organic?
A: We do our best to ensure everything is 100% organic. However, it is possible that a specific
ingredient may not be available in organic.
Q: How do payments work?
A: Payments are processed through Chef Andy Hyde Catering accounting. You have the option of PayPal,
or debit/credit card (all major debit and credit cards accepted).