Fine Dining and Catering from a Private Chef

There's nothing quite like sharing great food with friends and family. Chef Hyde Gourmet in Naples, Florida, makes it easy by offering catering as your private chef. Schedule an appointment today to organize a private dinner or catering service with your closest friends. Pricing is affordably based on the number of course, menu, and the number of guests, with appointments available to customers throughout Naples. Chef Hyde also offers restaurant consulting. In addition to our private chef and catering, we will be providing food delivery in the near future.

Your Favorite Dishes at Any Venue

Chef Hyde has worked as a guest chef at several local clubs, and continues to appear for social functions and events. Appointments for private cooking are available as his schedule permits, and services can be rendered almost anywhere you choose. Whether it's a small family affair in your own home, or cooking for an event at the venue of your choosing, we'll bring all the supplies, ingredients, and kitchen necessities to put together your dinner.

We're proud to offer some of the finest culinary options in South Florida, all backed by a skilled chef with a variety of experience and training from around the world. Chef Hyde has interned at Aqua, a 3-Star restaurant in Wolfsburg, Germany, under Chef Sven Elverfeld and he was formerly the Executive Chef at La Bazenne. He also worked as the Executive Chef at the private club LaPlaya. All of these influences come together for you, ensuring you enjoy mouth-watering food at great prices in the company of those you love the most.