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Our Catering Menu in Collier County, FL

Chef Hyde’s catering menu in Collier County, Fl, can be arranged in 24 hours or less, making us the go-to choice for gourmet event catering in the area. Contact us, today, at 239-404-3065 to book this professional catering chef for you next corporate event, dinner club, or pop-up restaurant in Collier County, FL.

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Appetizers/Tray-Pass Items

The following items can be arranged within 24hrs or less

Chef Andy Hyde Signature Big Eye Tuna dish

Tuna Tartare/ Squid Ink Tapioca chips/ Avocado Wasabi Mousse / Golden Osetra Caviar

New American Crab Cake

Johnna & Lump Crab Cake / Tomato-Black Garlic Aioli

Ghanaian Spiced Chicken or Beef Tenderloin Skewers

Marinated Chicken breast/ Chef Andy Hyde Special Peanut Sauce / Coriander

Hyde Crudite

Young Micro Root Vegetables/ Tofu-Hummus/ Elderflower Pollen

Everglade Tomato Bruschetta

Everglade Tomato Jam/ Olive Ciabatta/ Lemon Verbena Pesto/ Aged Balsamic / Basil

Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers

Ground Beef/ Sherry Glazed Caramelized Onions/ Arugula/ Imported Mini French Brioche Buns

Mushroom Tart & Epoisse Cheese

Wild Mushroom Tart/ Fine herbs/ Epoisse Cheese Sauce/ Micro Mustard Frills

Burgundy Truffle Deviled Eggs

Local Farm Eggs / Crispy Bacon/ Mustard Frills/Choice of In-house Caviar Can Be Added

Market Oysters

Native Nantucket Oysters/ Paired with Australian Finger Lime & Petit Sea Beans or Tradition Condiments

Signature Pearls & Citrus

Strawberry Pearls/ Australian Finger Lime/ Imperial Royal Caviar

Nantucket Bay Scallops

Sautéed in Truffle Butter Served with Micro Citrus Lettuce Salad

Wagyu Beef Tartare

Served with Fermented Quinoa Chips/ Micro Cucumber/ Pickled Mustard/ Fresh Horseradish

Alaskan King Crab Legs (4-5 people minimum) Market price

Fresh Alaskan King Crab/ Myer Lemons/ Melted Vanilla Butter / Horseradish cocktail sauce

Wagyu Beef Short rib (served in a mini Martini glass)

Braised Wagyu Beef Short-Rib/ Cauliflower-Potato Mousse/ Beet Blush Leaves

New Zealand lamb Lolli Pop

Grilled New Zealand lamb/ Mint Chimichurri sauce/ Smoked Olive Tapenade

Cocktail shrimps

Poached Black Tiger shrimps/ Cocktail sauce


Black Grouper Ceviche/ Bell Peppers/ Red Onions / Crispy Green Banana Chips

Mini Lobster Roll

Fresh Main Lobster Salad/ Served on Brioche Hoagie / Avocado/ Potato chips

Crab Cake

Lump Crab Meat/ Tropical Fruit Slaw/ Tomato Garlic Aioli

Local farm Vegetable Tart

Served with Pumpkin Farm Green/ Comte Cheese /Nasturtium Flowers

Soups & Salads

Traditional French Lobster Bisque

Poached Lobster Meat / Crème Fraiche/ Chives

The Elephant Garlic Soup

Water Cress/ Confit Fingerling Potato

Butternut squash soup

Served with Bourbon Vanilla Syrup

Beef & Barley

Beef Tenderloin/ Carrots/ Celeriac/ Barley / Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tomato Gaspaccio

Served with Everglades Tomato/ Cucumbers / Celery Ribbons / Brioche Croutons

Beets & Red bell pepper soup

prepared with vegetable stock/ Pomegranate juice/ Confit beets

Artichoke soup

Served with fried goat cheese finished with Pumpkins seed oil

Fresh vegetables & Fruit Juice shots

  • Celery/ Pineapples / Granny Smith Apples
  • Strawberry / Heirloom Tomato/ Carrot / Ginger
  • Barlett Farm Green Asparagus/ Celery/ Mint/ Fennel bulbs
  • Florida Sugar Cane/ Turnips/ Daikon / Fresh Coconut Juice

Organic Farm Lettuces

A protein of your choice can be added to any of these tasty salads below

Classic Caesar Salad

Chef Garden Romaine Lettuces/ Caesar Dressing/ White Anchovies / Brioche Croutons

Colusa Farms Butter Lettuces

Green Herb Dressing, Candied Walnuts/ Shaved Water Melon Radishes/ Blue Cheese / Prosciutto

The Naples Salad

Colusa Farms Mixed Lettuces/ Grilled Florida Lobster/ Avocado / Citrus Basil Vinaigrette

Mixed Greens

Tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette/ Shaved Carrots / Radishes / Poached Organic Eggs/ Brioche

In House Made Pasta

Short Rib Pasta

Fresh Pappardelle Pasta/ Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine/ Carrots / English Peas/ Parmesan

Eggplant & Lamb meat balls Pasta

Fresh Bucatini Pasta/ Eggplant/ Zucchini/ Lamb Meat Balls/ Tomato Sauce/ Pecorino Cheese

Seafood Pasta

Local Shrimps/ Diver Scallops/ PEI Mussels/ Tossed in Truffle Cream Sauce/ Sautéed Wild Mushrooms

Classic Chicken Piccata

Served with Fettuccine Pasta/ Organic Chicken Breast/ Capers / Sliced Parsley

Wild mushroom Ravioli

Served with Truffle Cream Sauce/ Shaved Burgundy Truffles / Mustard Frills

Maine Lobster & chorizo Pasta

Fresh Bucatini Pasta/ Lobster Cooked in Tomato Sauce Infused with Chorizo/ Parmesan/ Basil

Main Courses:

Meat, Game & Poultry

Margret Duck Breast

Cured in Herb Salt/ Seared Crispy/ Huckleberries / Sautéed beets/ Orange Syrup

Colorado Rack of Lamb

Marinated in Herbs & Grilled/ Green Beans/ Sherry glazed Caramelized Onions/ Confit Fingerling Potatoes/ Lamb sauce Infused with Wild Mint

Wagyu Short Ribs

Braised Wagyu Beef/ Shallots/ Carrots/ Parsnip/ Cauliflower Potatoes / Beef Sauce

Venison Loin

Pan Seared Venison Loin / Glazed with Pine Needle Syrup/ Celeriac Puree/ Spruce Oil

Grilled or Pan Seared Steaks Available with your choice of vegetable starch

  • 8-10 oz Wagyu Beef Fillet
  • 8-10 oz Prime Beef Fillet
  • 24 oz Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Chop
  • 12oz Prime Ribeye
  • 12 oz Dry Aged Ribeye
  • 12 oz Wagyu New York strip steak
  • 10 oz Berkshire Pork Chop
  • 4-6oz Berkshire Pork Fillet
  • 8 oz Bison steak
  • 1 * Whole Oven Roasted Organic Chicken
  • 1* Whole Rack Iberico Pork Ribs/ Passion Fruit BBQ Sauce
  • Wagyu Beef Pot Roast for 4 servings

Current market Seafood available to the best of its quality:

  • Domestic Black Grouper
  • Domestic Red Grouper
  • Local Yellow Tail Snapper
  • Local Lane Snapper
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Chilean Seabass
  • Atlantic Halibut
  • Domestic Diver Scallops
  • Fresh Florida Lobster
  • Fresh Main Lobster
  • Srilanka Big Eye Tuna
  • Ora King salmon
  • Scottish Salmon
  • Domestic Turbot
  • Domestic Dover Sole
  • Local Pompano
  • Gulf Hog Snapper
  • Wahoo
  • Hawaiian Marlin
  • Local Mackerel
  • Gulf Octopus
  • California Abalone
  • Domestic Oysters

Dessert Courses


Coconut Gelato, Freeze Dried Berries


Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake, Macaroons, Brownies, Chocolate Praline, Wild Honey Gelato


Milk Ice Cream, a Chutney of Pecans & Golden Raisins, Berries, Maple Leaf Syrup


This is a fun dessert demonstration, Chef Andy Hyde does a la minute in front of your guest.